A Christmas Message about Unconditional Love [Video]

A Christmas Message Learned From My Dogs

For me and many dog owners around the world, unconditional love (love with no strings attached) is clearly revealed through our dogs. Each time my dogs snuggle with me, or greet me at the door as if I was the most special person on earth, I hear God saying,I love you my child . . . unconditionally!
Unconditional love, also called agape love, is God’s gift to us. Receive it, unwrap it, cherish it, share it . . . believe it exists despite what anyone tells you! You are dearly loved my friends.
Watch this video I uploaded to YouTube. It’s a Christmas message about unconditional love. In it you’ll meet my beloved dog Emma … she dressed up in her red Christmas Tutu just for you! Please share this video. Merry Christmas!
Dogs will love you no matter what; therefore, they channel that eternal and undying love of Christ. ~unknown


Pawz and Pray


Pawz and Pray, Short Reflections about God, Life, and the Dogs I Love!


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