Does God Love Me?

Does God love me?

“God loves you”, the pastor said . . . as my mind wandered. 
I can’t help but chuckle at all the years I sat in church and heard preachers tell me, “God loves you”, and to think how hard this simple truth was for me to understand. After all, how could a perfect and Holy God love me, with all my failures and faults?
Then one day, I had an aha moment, and it all made sense when as a young child my parents brought home my first dog. He was a beautiful Springer Spaniel named Sandy. That was the beginning of my understanding of the meaning  of love.
Now, if I ever feel lonely, unaccepted, misunderstood, or unloved, I don’t have to look far to be reassured that I’m okay. There’s something about hanging out with my dogs that generally makes me feel extra special and immensely loved!
Could God be telling me something?
I’m more and more convinced that our furry companions are God’s gift to us and His way of telling us that we are UNCONDITIONALLY  loved, accepted, and adored just as we are! There are not many people in the world who are capable of such love on a daily basis, and I believe God knew that when He created dogs. They provide the non-judgmental comfort and companionship that so many of us need.
God truly loves you my friends!
If you’re struggling with the whole concept of being loved, just as you are, and are wondering—Does God love me?—find a warm cuddly pooch, snuggle for a while, and soak in the love. Remember, dog is God spelled backwards, because he’s a reflection of God’s unconditional love. I have no doubt that as you tune in to what you’re feeling, you’ll discover that GOD IS LOVE, and that GOD LOVES YOU! You may also like to read this short devotional about Agape Love. 

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