How Do You Find A True Friend?

How to find a true friend
Quote from the book, “Pawz and Pray”
How do you find a TRUE friend, in this crazy broken world?

Everyone needs a friend.
But not just any friend!
Choosing friends wisely can protect us from loads of heartache . . .
Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.~ Proverbs 13:20
So how do you find a true friend?
Let me share a little secret I learned from my dogs.
Don’t look for one, BE ONE.
Be the friend you hope to see in someone, and that true friend will come your way. 
Don’t wait to love. Follow your dogs’ lead.
Walk with them, and learn from them.
Dogs are our truest example of friendship. That’s why they’re called
Man’s Best Friend!
While human friendships can be risky business, there’s one friend ( a gift from Heaven!) that can only leave us better, wiser, and healthier in body and soul! And I’ve never known a dog to break a human heart.
We can learn so much from our dogs about friendship.
There’s something almost “unreal” about a dog. They’ll sit with a homeless person that’s been rejected by society. They’ll offer companionship to the good, the bad, and the ugly alike . . . without judgement. When the world turns it’s back on a person, who’s left? Their dog. Their faithfulness is almost beyond our comprehension! Their capacity to love unconditionally is mind boggling!
What kind of friend do we hope for? And what kind of friend to we strive to be?
Are we kind and compassionate?
Are we forgiving, loving, and true?
Do we listen well, and offer comfort when needed?
Friendship is a wonderful thing! And I wish you the truest of friends to come your way . . .
And just maybe, if you’re lucky, that friend will be a dog!


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