Listen to a Husky Saying “No” [funny video] 

Have you ever heard a dog saying “no?”

Watch this owner trying to coax his Husky to get in his kennel. The dog’s whining sound makes it sound like he’s saying “no” . . . it’s hilarious!

Curious as to the whining sound, I read up a little on Husky’s. Apparently Siberian Huskies are very vocal. Although they rarely bark, they will whine, moan, and also chirp and howl. I’m curious still as to if this adorable Husky is actually saying no to his kennel, or just have a whining fest LOL. Any Husky lovers out there feel free to comment 🙂

Learn more about the Siberian Husky

Aside from the whining, this video also got me thinking about the importance of “crate training.” Crate training a puppy has numerous benefits (i.e. potty training). When trained correctly, a dog’s crate becomes a safe and secure haven for them to enjoy for their entire life. The most important thing to remember while crate training your puppy is that it should be associated with a positive experience. It should never be used for punishment.

If you’d like to learn how to crate train a puppy please visit the following links:

How to crate Train a Puppy

Why Crate Training is not Cruel

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Until next time!

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