Cavaliers As Companions

Dennis and Tina Pawz and PrayPawz and Pray is honored to recommend “Cavaliers as Companions” created by Dennis and Tina Homes of Leogem Cavaliers (UK). Their articles are featured on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel web site in the United Kingdom. We share a common goal—to inspire and educate pet owners and honor our beloved Cavaliers as Companions!

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Cavaliers as Companions

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About Dennis and Tina Homes
Leogem Cavaliers (UK)

We bought our first Cavalier in 1979, a blenheim named Kelly who came from a puppy mill. It was the wrong way to start but like many people we were not aware of the problems of these establishments. However, we were totally besotted with Kelly and charmed by her temperament so six months later we a bought her a kennel mate, but this time from a reputable show breeder. This was Tasha, a little tricolour bitch from whom our line of Cavaliers is descended. Obviously Kelly was never bred from but she lived to the grand age of 15 and was a much loved pet. We bred our first litter at the end of 1981 and we have both been judging the breed for many years.Since 2007 we have been writing the “Cavaliers as Companions” page for the UK Cavalier Club website. There is a lot of coverage on various websites about the achievements of Cavaliers in the show ring, but we felt that it was high time to highlight Cavaliers as much loved companions. After all, the overwhelming majority of Cavaliers are pets. We were commissioned by the Cavalier Club to write a book about the origins of the breed and were given access to all their archives. This was quite a monumental task, but also a very rewarding one and the book The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: The Origin and Founding of the Breed was launched at the Blenheim Palace Extravaganza Show in August 2010. At present we have ten dogs, some we show and some we don’t. But they are all much loved pets.