Dropping Coat, a poem

Enjoy this delightful poem by Dennis Homes, who seems to share a common problem with many dog fanciers around the world…. dropping coat! Enjoy!

The Moult

I owned a Cavalier, a rather handsome tri,

With a most exquisite coat that caught every judges’ eye.

The black was black as coal, the white was white as milk.

The texture was as soft as the very finest silk.

His coat was so immaculate and glistened all the time,

I felt so very proud to say, “This lovely dog is mine!”

Twice a day I’d groom him and brush his coat right through,

And before a show I’d bath him in the best shampoo.

I’d use the top conditioners with essential oils and herbs,

So once inside the show ring he’d really look superb.

He truly was my pride and joy and on him I would dote,

But then one day I noticed that he started dropping coat.

The moult was rather slow at first, but soon accelerated;

And every time I combed him through I felt more agitated.

Each time that he shook himself he’d cast off  lots more hair,

Til very soon  his undersides were looking rather bare.

Gone were all his featherings and coat so once profuse.

I fed him lots of additives, but found them of no use.

Now there’s hair upon the furniture and hair upon the floor.

There’s hair upon the bookcase and shelf beside the door.

There’s hair upon the table and hair upon the chairs,

And spread across the carpet is a covering of hairs.

There’s hair upon the video and hair on the TV,

There’s hair on the CD rack and on every DVD.

There’s hair on all the cushions, there’s hair upon the mat.

There’s even hair upon your bum from the stool where you just sat.

There’s hair upon the window sill, and on the curtains too.

And now I’ve found some dog hairs on the seat inside the loo!

There’s hair in every corner, oh where will it all end?

It’s driving me quite mad, I’m going round the bend!

You sweep and dust and vacuum, but alas it’s all in vain,

Because within an hour it will all be back again.

On the floor of our kitchen we have ceramic tiles,

And here the hair just congregates in lots of little piles.

In turn the piles amass themselves in ever growing herds.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of that Hitchcock film “The Birds“.

This wretched hair is everywhere,

I’m driven to despair.

It’s only on my dog

Where you will find no hair!

by Dennis Homes

 About Dennis and Tina Homes, Leogem Cavaliers, UK .

“Since 1997 we have been writing the “Cavaliers as Companions” page for the UK Cavalier Club website. There is a lot of coverage on various websites about the achievements of Cavaliers in the show ring, but we felt that it was high time to highlight Cavaliers as much loved companions. After all, the overwhelming majority of Cavaliers are pets. We were commissioned by the Cavalier Club to write a book about the origins of the breed and were given access to all their archives. This was quite a monumental task, but also a very rewarding one and the book The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: The Origin and Founding of the Breed was launched at the Blenheim Palace Extravaganza Show in August 2010. At present we have ten dogs, some we show and some we don’t. But they are all much loved pets.”

Visit the Cavaliers as Companions web site. It’s full of educational and inspiring articles that you will surely enjoy!  


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