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Leila Grandemange is a storyteller at heart and loves sharing the many life-lessons learned from her dogs!

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Leila is an award-winning writer and the author of several charming books. Previously a professional ballet dancer, Leila went on to earn a B.A. in Christian Education with a minor in Bible. Leila describes herself as devoted to God and family, an avid dog lover, and a work in progress in the hands of a loving God! She inspires faith through authentic communication and stories about God’s amazing love!
Her favorite topics to write about focus on the true value of life (human and animal), responsible dog ownership, the human-canine bond and it’s connection to God, and faith in a personal and loving God. Leila is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and winner of the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Public Service Award. Her books and articles have also received several Award Nominations through the DWAA. Grateful for the warm welcome her books have received, she continues to write to inspire, educate, and share the joy in her heart!
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A little bit about my life . . .

“Dogs, our true friends, our teachers, our healers. They love us unconditionally, as God intended.  If we look carefully, we can learn from them how to make the world a brighter and a better place.” – Leila Grandemange
Some of my earliest and fondest memories involve dogs and horses. I’ll never forget the first puppy my parents brought home and all the unconditional love and comfort he poured into my life. No matter what I was going through growing up (the teen years can be brutal!), my dog was always there for me!
Aside from spending most of my waking hours playing with and training my puppy, I enjoyed riding and showing a beautiful horse named “Sony” (photo shown below). Those early years caring for my dog and horses (riding and cleaning stables), taught me how much animals rely on us, and what a great responsibility we have in caring for them. Along with riding lessons, mom drove me each day to ballet class. Looking back, I’m wondering how I ever had time for school work!

Leila riding Sony

Fast forward a few years . . .

At the age of 18, I was accepted into a professional ballet company. It was a dream come true!
While I was in the company, I began to contemplate my faith more seriously and wanted to learn more about God, the Bible, and ministry. I attended Anderson University, and four years later graduated with a degree in Christian Education. Soon after,  I was swept off my feet by my husband and we moved to France.

A sweet puppy changed my life . . .

It was while living in France that I first laid eyes on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, on the beaches of Etretat, in Normandy, and I’ve never been without one since!
Presently, I live in the United States with my husband, children, and dogs.  Although I’m no longer dancing professionally, I still “dance around the ring” at dog shows with my beloved dogs! 
Leila and Angel dancing around the ring.
In 2002,  I  established Grandville Cavaliers and worked diligently to develop a quality breeding program with a special emphasis on the whole colors of the breed (Ruby and Black and Tan). I’ve produced Champions in all four colors and am recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit. I’m also an active member of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA ( CKCSC, USA). None of these activities or accomplishments would have been possible without the loving support of my husband and precious family for nearly 25 years. I’m immensely grateful to them!
Aside from our daily dog activities, I enjoy sharing the numerous life lessons learned from my dogs through my articles and books. My dogs are my faithful friends, a source of comfort, and a huge source of inspiration in my daily life! I’ve often wondered if dogs are like our angels, sent by God to comfort us in our times of need.
I would be honored if you’d take a moment to visit my books page. 
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Leila with her beloved Standard Poodle

  • Author, publisher, speaker, free-lance writer, dog enthusiast, volunteer at Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
  • Published in the Royal Spaniels Magazine and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA National Bulletin, and abroad. 
  • Exhibitor of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, AKC Breeder of Merit
  • B.A. Christian Education, Anderson University
  • English teacher in France, public and private schools
  • Professional Ballet dancer and teacher. Earned Ballet teaching degree in France.
  • Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA)
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Writing Awards and Nominations:
  • 2013AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Public Service Award (DWAA); for the article,The BEST Gift You Will Ever Give Your Dog! published in The Royal Spaniels Magazine. 
  • 2014Book Award Nomination; Pawz and Pray, Short Reflections about God, Life, and the Dogs I Love —Writing Competition, Dog Writers Association Of America (DWAA). 
  • 2015—Book Award Nomination;A Breeder’s Companion, Record KeepingWriting Competition, Dog Writers Association Of America (DWAA). 
  • 2015—Award Nomination: The AdoptAShelter.com Adopt A Homesless Dog Award. Presented for the article, “That’s What Friends Are For” (Royal Spaniels Magazine). 
  • 2015—Poetry Award Nomination: James Colasanti, Jr. Poetry Award. Presented for the poem, “That’s What Friends Are For” (Royal Spaniels Magazine). 

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