Have You Ever Wanted To Make a Difference?

Published in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bulletin, Winter 2012 

by Leila Grandemange

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in this world, but wondered how? 

Recently I heard a story that sickened me to the core, a precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel beaten to death by an obviously violent person. With heavy heart, whenever I hear stories of abuse and neglect I wonder, “How can I make a difference?” Continue reading “Have You Ever Wanted To Make a Difference?”

The BEST GIFT you will ever give your dog!

Published in the Royal Spaniels Magazine (TRS) winter edition 2012.
Winner of the  AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Public Service Award   The author, Leila Grandemange, is grateful to the American Kennel Club and the Dog Writers Association of America for this honor. 

The Holiday gift hunt has begun
and I’m already feeling a bit frazzled about what to wrap for my loved ones, including my dogs! I’m even shopping for my friends’ dogs—crazy, right?! Continue reading “The BEST GIFT you will ever give your dog!”

Seven Foundations For A Successful Dog Breeder [J.J. Kimes]

Introduction by Leila Grandemange.

The desire to succeed . . . we’ve all felt that ache in our heart at some point in our lives. The birthing of a dream, the long hours and hard work, the difficult climb up a ladder that seemed to never end and then one day, SUCCESS — A dream come true! A healthy litter, a new champion, a Best in Show . . .

Continue reading “Seven Foundations For A Successful Dog Breeder [J.J. Kimes]”