5 Super Holiday Pet Safety Tips!

Holiday Pet Safety

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It’s that time of year, when everything seems to be going a hundred miles an hour and we’re trying to catch our breath. I’m with you, truly . . . I can relate. But please slow down long enough to read these 5 super tips about pet safety during the holidays! Continue reading “5 Super Holiday Pet Safety Tips!”

July 4th Pet Safety Tips

July 4th pet safety tips
July 4th is an exciting and fun holiday!
Please keep your pets safety in mind while enjoying the festivities, cooking, and entertaining your friends. More pets also get lost on July 4th than on any other holiday of the year. I made this little infographic so that you can share these important safety tips with your friends.

Share this infographic with your friends

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The BEST GIFT you will ever give your dog!

Published in the Royal Spaniels Magazine (TRS) winter edition 2012.
Winner of the  AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Public Service Award   The author, Leila Grandemange, is grateful to the American Kennel Club and the Dog Writers Association of America for this honor. 

The Holiday gift hunt has begun
and I’m already feeling a bit frazzled about what to wrap for my loved ones, including my dogs! I’m even shopping for my friends’ dogs—crazy, right?! Continue reading “The BEST GIFT you will ever give your dog!”