The Ultimate Dog Show Record Keeping Book!


 The Ultimate Dog Show Record Keeping Book for the Canine Competitor and Multi-Dog Home!

“My Beloved Dogs” is a must read for pet owners, breeders, and those competing in canine sports. The record keeping charts provide a wonderful way to keep track of your dogs’ achievements. The section on individual dog’s records makes it easy to keep track of the health of each dog. Having all this information in one place is really the highlight. Well written and organized, this book will surely become a treasured companion!”
-Norma Patton, AKC Judge

Dog Show record Keeping Book

“When I show my dogs, I feel like I’m dancing around the ring. It’s a partnership based on love, friendship, mutual respect, and trust.” ~ Leila Grandemange

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Record Keeping for the Canine Competitor and Multi-Dog Home
This book is the perfect companion for the dog show enthusiast and multi-dog home! Whether you’re heading to a dog show or to the vet, you’ll appreciate having all your dogs’ important information in one place. Stash the book in your grooming bag to record your wins, or take along to the vet for easy access to health records.Your pet sitter will also appreciate having your dogs’ health history and emergency contacts to consult at a moment’s notice.
Here is a peek at what you will find inside: 
  • Record keeping space for up to 20 dogs
  • Charts for health testing and Vaccinations
  • Charts for heat cycles, stud service, and Hopeful pups.
  • Charts to record participation in conformation shows and Titles and Awards earned.
PEEK INSIDE svp lookinsidepup See sample dog show record keeping pages from the book. There are also oodles of charts to keep your dogs information organized, health testing charts, stud service, hopeful pups, heat cycles, and more.

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Pet Record Book

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