Inspiring Video, Nubby the Two Legged Boxer

Photo from the Dodo Video
Nubby is an adorable boxer! But being born with 2 legs poses an obvious challenge. Would he survive? And if he did, could he thrive and lead a happy life?

“The Dodo,” authors of this YouTube video write, “He was very weak and no one knew if he’d make it at first, but he got stronger and spunkier every day. His family was amazed, and his dad especially fell head over heels with him. Now that he’s grown up, he helps his family foster litters of puppies!”
I watched the video and was so inspired by Nubby and his family, that I had to share. Nubby also visits schools with his family to teach children about compassion, and to remind them that being “different” is okay. There are so many inspirational life lessons in this video, it will surely encourage your heart and brighten your day.
Watch the full video here:
Nubby the Boxer

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“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” –Dr. Seuss

Warm Blessings to you and your beloved pets!
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2 thoughts on “Inspiring Video, Nubby the Two Legged Boxer

  1. Awesome Leila! encouragement 💖 to the max!!! This dog says it all🐶 Thanks and love and joy be yours today 💖 Loving all your posts and encouragements in the Lord – mighty and faithful. Huge ginormous thanks for sharing your heart Leila💜 What a lesson of loving endurance and grace. God bless this family and their work of love. May our great King Jesus bless you and yours 😘 big time today and alway🤗Hugs, Vivian

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sweet Vivian! How awesome that this amazing and precious dog and family can be used by God in such a powerful way, to move us towards more compassion, loving endurance and grace. You’re so right! God bless you and yours. Warm hugs and thank you so much for your encouraging words and love 💕🙏🏻🐶🤗💕


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