The Puppy Parenting Journey, [Part 1—Am I Ready for a Puppy?]

by Leila Grandemange

Becoming a dog owner is an exciting yet often challenging adventure!

Are you ready for what may lie ahead?

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A Story of a Promising Puppy

“More than just a story about being a responsible dog owner, it brings to light an important life lessons that every child should know—you are beautiful, special, and loved. My students loved it!—Trina Locke, 3rd grade teacher 

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The Ribbon That Runs Through History

Published in My Beloved Dogs, Record Keeping for the Canine Competitor and Multi-Dog Home  Book Trailer

The Ribbon that Runs Through History—Its Meaning, Purpose and Goals

by Leila Grandemange

Who would have thought that holding the winning ribbon could bring a person so much joy! But what exactly does the ribbon symbolize? Why do we seek it, and how does its  meaning spur us on to become better exhibitors, competitors, breeders, and dog owners? Continue reading “The Ribbon That Runs Through History”

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