A Story of a Promising Puppy [Book Trailer]

Puppies are a reflection of unconditional love, entrusted to us like precious seeds. We water them with praise, patience, and love, and watch them grow into full bloom.  —Leila Grandemange


Star, a promising show puppy, is full of life and beauty, until he finds himself in a home where love and attention seem lacking. Will Star still grow into his full potential?

Told through the eyes of a precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, this delightful story will appeal to the hearts of children and adults, sharing a message of unconditional love and hope. For breeders, it’s a wonderful way to pass along the importance of responsible dog ownership. 56 pages, paperback

REVISED EDITION with discussion guide and activities 2015

2 thoughts on “A Story of a Promising Puppy [Book Trailer]

  1. Leila,
    “The Story of a Promising Puppy” is a must for all responsible dog owners.
    God created dogs, to teach us about unconditional love and potential.
    When we live in a home full of nurturing and love, we grow to be the very best we can be.
    This is what Star became! Love your book….it’s a keeper!


    1. Thanks Karen! That is so true what you wrote. You are so encouraging. Would you be open putting this comment on Amazon reviews for the book? Word of mouth is so helpful. Hope you are doing well. God bless 🙂


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