A Puppy’s Prayer [Poem]

Touching poem from, “A Story of a Promising Puppy,” by Leila Grandemange

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Into your life, I came one day, by chance or by will, I’m here to stay.

Little and furry, I brought you joy; young and untrained, trouble and spoil.

Don’t get angry, don’t dismay; I’ll grow and change, don’t give me away.

I don’t speak your language, be patient I say;

I’ll learn what you teach me; please train me I pray.

I love to run, I love to play; please don’t crate me all the day.

I need your love, I’ve grown so much; no longer a puppy, I still need your touch.

Measure my food, and give water to drink,

I get awfully thirsty—my tongue will hang pink!

Check-ups and shots, I, too, need a doctor;

I might get sick; have you got a thermometer?

As time goes by I’ll grow older and gray;

May all that I need come from you, I pray.

All that you give, I’ll return even better;

This puppy’s prayer is to love you forever!

And the day I must leave, hold me close, I pray;

I’ll sleep in your arms and forever I’ll stay.

from the book—A Promising Puppy, by Leila Grandemange
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Leila is the recipient of the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Public Service Award. She writes to inspire love, care, and compassion for dogs. About the Author.

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