7 Amazing Benefits to Walking With Your Dog

When I’m feeling blue, my dogs motivate me to get out and walk. And when I do, I always gain fresh perspective and feel happier!

Life is tough, and more often than not we find ourselves sitting inside lamenting our problems in the dark rather than getting outside and letting nature and sunshine help us heal.

Personally, I think dog owners have an amazing advantage in this area. Dogs need their daily walks or playtime outside. What better motivator to lay aside our problems and get outside and hang out with our furry friends!

If you’re feeling sad or troubled in heart, I’d like to encourage you to get your walking shoes on, and get outside. Let your dogs lead you to beautiful places where nature soothes the weary soul and vibrant colors ignite feelings of hope. Breath in the fresh air and exhale any worry and fear. See God in creation, be encouraged, and give thanks.

There are countless amazing benefits to walking your dog. These are just a few I’ve found personally helpful.

When I walk with my dog I feel:

  • Less sad and lonely
  • Less anxious and stressed
  • More bonded with my dog
  • More social
  • More hopeful
  • Healthier in mind and body
  • Closer to God

God is good, all the time. Thanks be to God for His marvelous creation, especially for our beloved dogs! 🧡🐶

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2 thoughts on “7 Amazing Benefits to Walking With Your Dog

  1. Good reminder of a few of the benefits that come from getting outside to exercise with your furry friend. I have a super energetic pitbull mix and we go on 5-10 walks a day! Walking is good bonding time for us, as you mention in your post. It also helps my dog and I stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

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    1. Thank you for sharing. He sounds like the perfect dog to have to stay in shape! My poodle is energetic too. If I say “walk” he goes bazurk! lol! Blessings to you and your precious pooch. Enjoy the fall season, such perfect walking weather with our dogs 🐶🍂🍁


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